Care-Free Water Conditioners – Made in Australia – WaterMark Approved Product


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Options available:

1. Carefree with EK1 Kit

2. Carefree with EK2 Kit – Dual rods for pvc or poly pipe installation

3. Carefree with EK3 Kit – Battery pack – current limited power source

4. Carefree with EK4 Kit – 100-240V power regulator


How does it work?

The Care-Free Water Conditioner is an in-line catalytic water treatment system.

It operates by a combination of the following.

Turbulence of the water through a specially designed catalytic chamber.

By the creation of a small electrical field around the chamber casing.

This combination causes a separation of the mineral particles in the water, which changes the behaviour.

Particles, which were previously attached to each other, now repel and separate into smaller individual particles. This allows the “separated” mineral particles and salts to flow through the system with minimal interference.

Care-Free Water Conditioners eliminate the cohesion that exists between the mineral particles in the water. This is clearly visible in the microscope.

You will be happy to know that it requires minimal maintenance.


  • Great Tasting Water
  • Water gets softened
  • Reduces white spots
  • Lowers spots on shower walls and bathtub
  • Improves lather and better cleaning action by soaps and detergents
  • Better cleaning results from Dishwasher and Washing machine
  • Avoids deposits and scaling inside pipes
  • Improves the life of water heaters, air conditioners (evaporative)
  • Installs inline after the water meter


  • CF20 ECO – Domestic Use
  • 20mm ECO Care-Free Water Conditioner
  • Flow rate: 50 lit/min
  • Thread: 3/4” male
  • Length: 192mm
  • Weight: 0.50 kg
  • Installed inline AFTER the water meter
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With Installation, No Installation

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EK1 kit, EK2 kit, EK3 kit, EK4 kit

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