Compact Reverse Osmosis High Alkaline Water Filtration System – Works With Whole House Water Filter


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This Compact Reverse Osmosis system must be installed with a whole house water filter for customers looking for a 100% fluoride and hardness removal as well as sweet tasting water (Bottle-Like Water). The whole house water filter will work as the pre-filtration stages that a regular reverse osmosis needs. Therefore, the whole house water filter replaces the first and second stage in a regular RO. As a result, the RO is assembled with 3 stages only, or core components; membrane, carbon filter and alkalising filter. The final stage in the compact reverse osmosis will effectively raise pH levels and produce antioxidant and oxygenating qualities. The final result is pure sweet-tasting water.

(POE) Whole Home Water Filtration System with (POU) Reverse Osmosis for superior water quality everywhere in your house.



‣ The (POU) Reverse Osmosis rejects contaminants not removed in the POE by the whole house water filter, such as fluoride, hardness, salts, metals, PFAS, BPAs…
‣ The (POU) Reverse Osmosis is usually installed under your kitchen bench to provide the finest level of filtration.
‣ 5 YEAR WARRANTY For Parts & Labour*.
‣Proven, reliable, high-performance water purification
‣Assembled in Australia by Industry Professionals using components Made in USA & UK
‣Compact Reverse Osmosis Alkaline Water Filtration System – Works with Whole House Water filtration.
‣Storage Tank: Standard comes along with 8 litres, you can upgrade to 12L,18L, 21L, 35L, 60L, 80L, 100L and 150 litres tank.


This system connects to cold water line only. Hot water may damage the system.

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