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Whole House Water Filtration
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Drink, bathe, shower and cook with water that is safe,
delicious and better for your health, while protecting
your appliances, plumbing network and home from limescale

Supply and Install

Some of our whole house water filtration solutions

Whole House Filters

Water Softener

3-Way Mixers

Reverse Osmosis

Perfectly Tailored Solutions

Our experience of installing the leading whole house water filter systems for many years will ensure that your solution will be the perfect Water Filtration unit for your needs.

Installations can be located anywhere around your property.

Here are some of the popular options:

Options TO Consider

Brushed Aluminium
Stainless Steel

Whole House Water Filter Solutions

Water Filter for home use
Passionate About Water
Every installation makes us proud to have just installed a state-of-the-art whole house water filtration system that will protect your health, home and wallet for the long haul! We use a Triple stage 20” premium whole house filtration system with advanced filter technology from Europe ensuring you experience clean, great tasting water at EVERY tap in your home. Drink, bathe, shower and cook with water that is safe, delicious, and better for your health, while protecting your appliances, plumbing network, and home from limescale.

What our customers think

Tamara Thomson

Mark installed a whole house filter to our home and we were very happy with the product and friendly service provided. Mark was very informative and quick to provide a quote and book in the installation. The installation was done very professionally and we are enjoying the benefits of filtered water. Would highly recommend!

Lester Yuzon

Just had my system installed by Mark from JSA Plumbing & Gas. I already can taste the difference in having better quality water for the house. Great service, great price and installed quickly, thanks heaps mate.

Karen Crouch

Thanks Mark for your very efficient service! Very helpful and informative, good price on whole of house filtration. Great communication, appreciate your prompt and courteous service. Will definitely recommend

Greg Underwood
Mark is awesome!
Really helpful when discussing the system and quoting. Did an amazing job installing the system, with great workmanship. Water tastes so much better now.
Thank you
Danny Joseph
Very happy with our new whole house water filtration system – We should have done this when we first moved in! The quality of our water now is amazing. The taste is 1000 times better. Skin feels a lot cleaner after showering and my wife is saying her hair feels a whole lot better too. I highly recommend Mark. He is honest, friendly, reliable and professional. The quality of his work was top notch. Wouldn’t hesitate to use him again for any work needed !
Liliana Pérez
We decided to install a whole house filtration system and we could not be happier.
We contacted Mark: plain language, approachable, and providing us just the right answers and information, without stating dubious facts.Not only that, we agreed and installation date, and the work was carried out at the agree time and standard, even tidying everything up. I know it sounds like an obvious thing but it does not happen that often. We are very happy with the results.Many different companies out there, including some very aggressive marketing strategies with home demonstrations (we had one of those and, in few words, it was ill informed insulting and patronising.
Susan Plastow
JSA Plumbing and Gas have given us beautiful soft water. Now Winter showers are awesome. Just like rain water.
No more horrible dry flaky itchy skin! Thank you for such a great neat job! On time, efficient, ticks all the boxes!